Jump into Swimming Lessons at the Y!

In light of COVID-19, we are offering private and semi-private swim lessons for our YGBW active or on hold members to limit the risk of exposure as much as possible, while still providing high-quality swim lessons and maximum convenience. You can select who you take your swim lessons with--up to four people per lesson--and the cost is based on the number of people in your lesson. Specifically:

Swim lessons will be limited to one-four participants at a time.

You can choose with whom you take swim lessons and work with your swim instructor to determine the best time for lessons. Ideally, having four participants that are close to the same age and/or level is best.

The cost will depend upon the number of people enrolled in each lesson:

1 person - $35 per person per lesson ($41 per person per lesson at UMLY)
2 people - $20 per person per lesson ($31 per person per lesson at UMLY)
3 people - $12.50 per person per lesson 
4 people - $9.50 per person per lesson

If you have questions and are ready to register, simply complete this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.